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In the book "Trend Trading - A Seven Step Approach To Success"by Daryl Guppy, Daryl Guppy presents in detail the steps to finding, assessing, selecting, managing and monitoring a long-term trend trade. The book is available on Amazon in either hard-copy or kindle format.

This template helps the reader find stocks that are exhibiting characteristics described in the book. One of the core ideas in the book is the use of a multiple moving average indicator termed the Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA). This indicator consists of two groups of exponential moving averages. The short-term group is known as the 'Traders' group and reflects the more active response that traders have to stock price movement. The longer term group is known as the 'Investors' group and reflects the actions taken by core position holders and institutions. It is the interaction between these two groups that help the trend trader identify and trade trends.

For more information about the use of this template to locate trending stocks, please take a look at the Blog Post

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