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We Do Trading Software

Unique trading tools to give you an edge in the financial markets.


Trading systems provide exact buy/sell hold signals for stocks in your symbol lists. Use any of several pre-coded systems or design your own.


Do you have a trading idea you would like to test? Just specify your entry and exit criteria and run a trade simulation against stocks in your symbol list.

Recent Templates

CCI Trends and Snapbacks

Detects stocks in the Zoom Zone for trends and stocks that are ready to Snapback to their trend direction.

Correlation Matrix

Shows how every stock in your list is correlated to every other stock in your list over a chosen time frame. Includes an Alpha, Beta calculation.

The Clear Method

Shows stocks that are starting a new swing direction based on Ron Black's Clear Method from S&C Magazine

Price Predictor

Predicts prices based on past technical events. Choose from hundreds of events or create your own.

Welcome To EdgeRater

EdgeRater makes incredibly powerful trading software for the individual investor.

  • Award winning software
  • Designed and built by former Microsoft Senior Developer
  • Creative solutions for traders
  • Be your own guru
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"I left Microsoft to develop a unique software program to help my trading. Now my program is available to put the odds in your favor."

Founder and CEO, Chris White