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We Do Trading Software

Unique trading tools to give you an edge in the financial markets.


Templates encapsulate trading ideas/formulas and methods, providing a one-click mechanism to scan for stocks, backtest trading systems and analyze market performance.


Trading systems provide exact buy/sell hold signals for stocks in your symbol lists. Use any of several pre-coded systems or design your own.


Do you have a trading idea you would like to test? Just specify your entry and exit criteria and run a trade simulation against stocks in your symbol list.

Recent Templates

Over 100+ Templates Available in EdgeRater PRO Software. Run your favorites each day and keep the rest for more detailed research.

Crash Strategy


Implements the Crash strategy from the book Buy The Fear Sell The Greed.

RSI Powerzones Strategy

RSI Powerzones

Implements the RSI PowerZones strategy from the book Buy The Fear Sell The Greed.

Doppleganger Stocks

Doppleganger Stocks

Locates all stocks where the price pattern resembles your chosen stock and time period.

Heikin Ashi Red-Green

Heikin Ashi

Detects trends based on sequential heikin-ashi red-green candles. Discover stocks on the move.

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EdgeRater makes incredibly powerful trading software for the individual investor.

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EdgeRater is an inspired software company in the Pacific Northwest corner of the USA dedicated to providing superior trading tools for individual traders and investors worldwide.

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