Jeffrey Scott's ABC Up/Down Templates

Template Description

Jeffrey looks for stocks that are in an ABC pattern in either an up or a down configuration. ABC is based on the peaks and troughs of the zig-zag pattern that the stock makes as it progresses in a particular direction.

The template picks out stocks at points A, B and C. The following description is for the up configuration. The down configuration is the reverse of this.

  • A: The stock started a new upleg fewer than 5 bars ago and had an impulse indicator fire today. The most recent high is a higher high and the most recent low is a higher low
  • B: The stock crossed above its prior high today
  • C: The stock started a new upleg fewer than 5 bars ago after retracing to within +-5% of the prior high

Template Details

  • CategoryJeffrey Scott
  • Release DateFebruary 2015
  • TagsScan, Jeffrey Scott

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