The ETF Trading Bandit.

High Probablity ETF Trading in a box. Buy, Sell, Hold signals at the press of a button.

The System

The ETF Trading Bandit implements the exact rules specified in the book 'High Probability ETF Trading' by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez. There are 7 trading systems included in the program: RSI25/75, 3 Day Hi/Lo, R3, %B, MDU/MDD, RSI 10/60 90/94 and TPS

The current signal (Buy, Sell, Hold) is shown alongside each symbol in your selected symbol list for each of the 7 systems. The TPS system is regularly the best performing of all the systems and for the first 6 months of 2015, TPS has had a 92% accuracy rate on the long side and an 81% accuracy on the short side.

Download the ETF Trading bandit today and take advantage of lifetime free signals for the RSI 25/75 strategy - this offer will not last long.

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