EdgeRater Basics Webinar

May 1st 2016

We have a lot of new users of EdgeRater and this webinar will give a good grounding in the use of the program. Come and listen only or come with questions. This session is all about getting you up and running and maximizing the value of your initial experience with EdgeRater.

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EdgeRater For HGSI Users

May 4th 2016

EdgeRater works very well in conjunction with HGSI software. Find out how to get the most out of this powerful combination. Topics covered: Using HGSI Groups within EdgeRater, Configuring both products to work together. Using the Archive view to see seasonality of Industry Group Indexes and Group Rotation.

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EdgeRater is an inspired software company in the Pacific Northwest corner of the USA dedicated to providing superior trading tools for individual traders and investors worldwide.

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