Dr. Ken Long - Swing Systems

Template Description

This template Identifies specific swing trade signals that fire:
  • Doji = daily critical state? (small range, Close near Open)(both directions)
  • Ch = Channeling system (Bullish only, pulls back to oversold)
  • OR= Overreaction System (Bull or bear, sharp move away from trend; alert)
  • WO = Washout system (oversold annually and 10day, but 1 day of strength)
  • 5DD = 5 Days Down (5 lower closes, alert for both directions; great setup)
  • TS = Triple Screen (hattip: Dr Elder; strong trend, pullback, and 1 good day)
  • 551w - 551w swing system: relaxed form of the TS
  • Maxpain = lost the most% since its 10d Hi
  • MPRC = Max pain range compression (%lost since 10d Hi / today's range)
  • AF R:R = Auto Framer reward: risk ratio if auto-framed to test 10d hi with mechanical entry
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More Info

    Dr. Ken Long's trading systems utilize the Plan-Prepare-Execute-Assess framework. During the Plan phase, you can employ this template to pinpoint symbols for trading. Symbols meeting the scan criteria and deemed to be in a "critical state" – indicating potential upward or downward movement – should be identified. Subsequently, proceed with the Prepare, Execute, and Assess steps as integral components of your trading system development process.

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Ken describes his Swing Systems