Jeffrey A Scott MD: Retracements in a Downtrend

Template Description

This template locates stocks that have been in an downtrend, retraced and are now showing signs of resuming the downtrend. There are 2 custom sort columns which work as follows: 1: 'Yes' if current direction is down, retracement was less than 100% of previous downtrend and the stock has had an impulse in the current direction. 2: 'Yes' if the high of the retracement was within 0 to -5% of one of the moving averages By default the list is sorted primarily by custom sort '1' and within that by the number of bars in the current uptrend to try to identify stocks that are at the beginning of a new move down. You can click on custom sort '2' in order to further sort by stocks that retraced back to a moving average.

More Info

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