High Jump For NASDAQ Composite Index

Template Description

Ian and Ron have used the high jump tool for the past 20 years at times when the market is obviously very extended. The NASDAQ has proven to be the best market index to use. Its past history has proven to be very accurate in calling the peaks. In earlier days they used the distance from the index to the 17 DMA, 50 DMA and 200 DMA but have since found that just using the 200 DMA is sufficient and keeps it simple. This template has been designed to give a feel for where the market stands now using the past history. It is only meant as a guide. The 5 highest peaks in the High Jump are calculated and shown in the template along with the current value so that you can immediately see how far you are away from past targets. One caution is that you can't keep going forever as greed can become too much greed. Use the accompanying High Jump chart to look for divergences.

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