George Lea's Candle Patterns Template

Template Description

George applies candle patterns to his trading. He uses patterns defined by formulas from reference material by authors such as Morales and Kacher, Ron Black, John Person, Rob Hoffman and others to give indications of when to buy a stock.

George's Candle Patterns template produces a sortable and filterable report which indicates with a 'Yes' which stocks are currently in one of the following candle patterns: Clearing Bar, Power Bar, Engulfing, Marubozu, Green Candle Low, Red Candle High, High Close Doji, Low Close Doji, Inventory Retracement Bar (IRB), IRB Sandwich, IRB Sandwich with filling. Both Bullish and Bearish configurations of the patterns are detected.

The report also contains Linear Regression Slopes and Moving average values and allows sorting and filtering of stocks that have a close price within a defined % of the moving average.

More Info

  • CategoryGeorge Lea
  • Release DateFeb 2014
  • TagsScan
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