The Award Winning EdgeRater PRO is our flagship product.

Super-fast backtesting, scanning and market analysis with unique trading templates for every situation.

EdgeRater PRO 2020 data is so UNIQUE, you will not find it in any other program!

As we get started into 2022 EdgeRater is now better than ever. Last year we developed some incredible new features including the brand-new Options Performance Between Dates Template . The above chart was produced by drawing a line on a stock chart to see how every available option performed between the start and end dates.

Here’s a quick rundown of other new features released in 2021

Multi-Factor Trade Analysis Template

Runs monte-carlo simulations on trade simulation reports. Great for finding out how a stock historically performs on every trading day of the year.

Expected Move Template

See where options traders think the stock will be at any point in the future.

Intraday Charts and Good Bad Ugly Report

If you have ThinkOrSwim desktop program and keep it open, EdgeRater will retrieve intraday values and update the chart and the Good Bad Ugly report automatically. More intraday providers to come this year!

HK Candle Patterns

A comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly summary of 84 different candle patterns. Submitted by EdgeRater User Henry K

EdgeRater PRO 2020 Core FEATURES

Trading Templates

Trading Templates encapsulate systems, scans, and analysis based on formulas and ideas found in published trading materials. For instance, if you follow Morales & Kacher you can run the template that shows signals based on formulas published in their various books.

Trading Templates can be run inside EdgeRater PRO with the press of a single button and provide interactive scans and reports on the stock market. Results are displayed in a built-in spreadsheet viewer. When you navigate around a report the relevant stock chart will update immediatedly showing you the chart of the symbol with the relevant date highlighted. There are currently over 100 templates in the program with more being added all the time

See The Templates

3D Scanning

3D Scanning is a unique approach to scanning stocks pioneered by EdgeRater. Most programs can show stocks that are meeting today's scan criteria. 3D Scanning shows those stocks and also shows the stocks that met the scan criteria for every single historical day, all on one screen with the press of a single button.

Now if you are looking to see how stocks react after your chosen technical event you don't have to wait days to find out. You just look back through the report, click on the scan result and you will see the exact event and date highlighted on your stock chart. Outstanding!


EdgeRater PRO's backtesting capability is designed with the 'visually oriented' in mind. You specify an entry event and an exit event and then use the Trade Simulation feature to backtest all stocks in your symbol list over your chosen time period.

A comprehensive trade report is generated showing the trade list, daily equity curve, frequency distribution chart and trade summary.

You can navigate around the generated report and see each trade highlighted on a stock chart showing the entry, exit and reason for exit (eg. Stop loss exit).

If you have many simulations to run you can put together a batch template and run them all in one go, for instance to test variations in a particular parameter.

Scanning for stocks using EdgeRater templates

Simple templates built using Excel allow you to scan thousands of stocks for your specific criteria.

Here's how it works...

This is a simple stock scanning template built using Excel:

A stock scan report
Stock Scanning Template

The formula script names in the Excel Template refer to formula scripts in EdgeRater, here's the BB (Bollinger Band) script:

A Formula Script in EdgeRater
Formula Script

After running this template in EdgeRater, the following report is produced showing the script values for the last bar of each stock:

A Template For Scanning Stocks
Template For Scanning Stocks

Formats and Formulas used in the Excel Template carry over to the reports:

Excel Formats and Formulas applied to reports
Excel Formats and Formulas applied to reports

Reports are linked such that if you have multiple reports showing, as you navigate to a stock in one report the others automatically scroll that stock to the top of the report:

Multiple reports auto-linked and synchronized
Multiple reports auto-linked and synchronized

Reports are also linked to charts and can have specific indicator layouts, clicking a stock in a report shows the chart defined for that report:

Reports linked to charts
Reports linked to charts

There are hundreds of tried-and-tested built-in templates and if you use only these you don't need Excel. You can also create your own scanning templates using Excel.

But That's Not All...

Scanning Templates are just one of the many features of EdgeRater. EdgeRater is great at backtesting strategies, analyzing patterns to see if an edge exists, informing you of expected move in a stock based on options pricing and keeping you alert to great options trading possibilities based on implied volatility.

To find out more, take the free 14 day unlimited feature trial and experience it for yourself.