The Complete Template List

We are currently in the process of adding all our existing templates to the gallery with full details and screen-shots but due to the large number it's taking a while.

Check back often to see the updated list.

All Templates

Category Template Name
Stocks & Commodities Magazine Weekly and Daily MACD
Stocks & Commodities Magazine Weekly and Daily PPO
Stocks & Commodities Magazine CAM Trends and Countertrends
Stocks & Commodities Magazine 2/20 EMA Upside Breakout
Stocks & Commodities Magazine Ron Black's Clear Method
Stocks & Commodities Magazine 3 Pushes to a high using Bollinger Bands
PRO Tools Doppleganger Stocks
PRO Tools Performance Between Dates
PRO Tools Probability of Touch Based on Technicals (POTBOT)
PRO Tools Price Predictor
PRO Tools Correlation Matrix
PRO Tools Correlation, Alpha, Beta
PRO Tools % Change Template
PRO Tools Group Rotation Template
PRO Tools Symbol List History Analysis
Annual Trends (Seasonality) Monthly 1-Month
Annual Trends (Seasonality) Monthly 2-Months
Annual Trends (Seasonality) Monthly 3-Months
Annual Trends (Seasonality) Monthly 4-Months
Annual Trends (Seasonality) Now
Linear Regression Linear Regression SD Channel Analysis
Hot Topics Heikin Ashi Red-Green
Hot Topics In Play
Hot Topics The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Hot Topics Someone Knows Something
Hot Topics Free Parking
Hot Topics Guppy Multiple Moving Averages
Hot Topics Dave McMullen MA Cross with Seasonal Probability
Hot Topics LW Range Scans
Hot Topics VPA Signals
Hot Topics Hot Cold Ranking System
George Lea Trends and Snapbacks using CCI
George Lea Daily Squeeze
George Lea Weekly Squeeze
George Lea Monthly Squeeze
George Lea Candle Patterns
George Lea Red-Green Continuation Plays
Jeffrey Scott ABC Up
Jeffrey Scott ABC Down
Jeffrey Scott Shorting
Jeffrey Scott Pullbacks in Uptrend
Jeffrey Scott Retracements in Downtrend
HGSI %B Buckets Report
HGSI 2x & 3x Bear ETFs Summary
HGSI 2x & 3x Bull ETFs Summary
HGSI Alpha 21 Symbol List Ranker
HGSI Convert Warehouse HTML
HGSI Country ETFs Summary
HGSI Generate Indexes From Warehouse
HGSI Group History Analysis
HGSI Hindenbury Omen Report
HGSI US Markets Summary
HGSI Warehouse Report
HGSI Woody VIX Analysis
HGSI XL Sector ETFs Summary
HGSI Code Blue
HGSI Code Red
MACD Divergences MACD Daily Top
MACD Divergences MACD Weekly Top
MACD Divergences MACD Daily Bottom
MACD Divergences MACD Weekly Bottom
Morales & Kacher Code Blue
Morales & Kacher Code Red
Morales & Kacher Buyable Gap Up, 7 Week Rule
Buy The Fear Sell The Greed RSI PowerZones
Buy The Fear Sell The Greed Crash
High Probability ETF Trading Signals
High Probability ETF Trading Performance
S&P 500 Trading with Connors RSI Signals
S&P 500 Trading with Connors RSI Backtesting
Short Selling Stocks with Connors RSI Signals
Short Selling Stocks with Connors RSI Backtesting
Trading Leveraged ETFs with Connors RSI Signals
Trading Leveraged ETFs with Connors RSI Backtesting
VXX Trend Following Strategy Signals
VXX Trend Following Strategy Backtesting
2-Period RSI Pullback Trading Scan - All Setup Variations
2-Period RSI Pullback Trading Scan - 2 Setup Variations
2-Period RSI Pullback Trading Scan - All Exits
2-Period RSI Pullback Trading Backtest with RSI(2) > 70 Exit
Connors RSI Pullback Trading Signals
Connors RSI Pullback Trading Backtesting
ETF Trading with Bollinger Bands Signals
ETF Trading with Bollinger Bands Backtesting

What's Included

Every one of our templates is included with your purchase of EdgeRater PRO and if you have purchased the forever version of EdgeRater PRO that means you can use the program and those templates... well... forever!

In addition, we recognize that you may want to get new templates as they are developed and so you also receive the next 12 months of released templates as an extra bonus with your purchase.

We publish a new template at least every month and so that means you get at least 12 extra templates.

After that, if you are impressed with the quality and usefulness of our template releases (as I'm sure you will be) you can sign up to receive another 12 months of templates for the low price of $297. It's not automatic and it's not required - you will receive a notification prior to your first 12 months with us and you can decide from there.

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