Results through to December 31st 2013

As we get started into 2014, the performance results of the ETF Trading Bandit for January 1 2009 through December 31st 2013 are now available:

  • 807 Trades
  • 89.59% Winners
  • Average Profit Per Trade: 1.3%

*These results are for the TPS Long strategy - just one of the seven available strategies from Larry Connors 'High Probability ETF Trading' book. The TPS Short strategy had 80.31% Winners!

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"...ETF Trading Bandit, offers a nearly hands free proven trading strategy for trading ETFs.

In as little as 5 minutes a day, I find potential long and short candidates.

Using published strategies, this program allows me to “steal” money from the market...

...I am also very impressed with the support offered by the developer."

Jeffrey A. Scott MD
Chief Medical Officer

7 Profitable strategies - 5 mins/day is all you need

What is the ETF Trading Bandit?

The ETF Trading Bandit is a software application which runs on your own PC and gives you trading signals based on Larry Connors' top 10 trading book 'High Probability ETF Trading'.

It will scan through an unlimited number of ETFs or stocks every evening and show you the signals that are firing for each of the 7 strategies. You can then click through to see the stock chart with all the indicators applied and choose the ones that you want to trade at the following morning's market open.

Once you are in a trade you watch out for the corresponding exit signal and then place the exit order for the following morning with your broker.

You can do all of this in under 5 minutes an evening and you don't have to watch the markets at all during the day.

The ETF Trading Bandit uses free end-of-day stock market data so there's no need to have a separate expensive data provider. Once you own the ETF Trading Bandit you can use it forever - it's a one-time payment and there are no recurring fees.

Example Trade

Example Trade
  • Entry: Buy EWJ on Nov 2 2010 @ 9.91
  • Exit: Sell EWJ on Nov 5 2010 @ 10.22
  • Profit: 3.13% in 4 days

ETF Trading Bandit PRO Features

  • Daily signals for all 7 High Probability ETF Trading Strategies
  • Use the same strategies that professional money managers use
  • Designed for you to trade next-day-at-open so that you don't have to watch the markets during the day
  • Both long and short versions of each strategy
  • Free End-Of-Day stock market data (no monthly data fees!)
  • Get daily signals for an unlimited number of ETFs
  • View 3 years of historical trades for every ETF in your list
  • Free video information series and PDF included containing fully backtested results
  • Super easy to use – 2 click operation
  • View all the charts with annotated entry/exit points


The 7 High Probability Strategies Today's signals Historical signals Security Chart

What others are saying...

Steve Alexander - Software Developer

"Excellent piece of software! I write trading s/w, so I think I am a pretty good judge. Thanks for coding it.

P.S. The trial version made enough money in a month to pay for the real thing."

Steve Alexander
Trader and Software Developer

Barry Moore - Active Trader

"… just finished my first round-trip using Bandit and made enough to pay for the software…"

Barry Moore
Active Trader

David Steckler - Investment Advisor

"Any application developer that is very responsive to user input not only gets high marks from me but also my respect...

...I recommend giving it a try"

David Steckler
Investment Advisor
Global Investment Solutions, LLC

Harry Panitch - Private Trader

"...The program itself is magnificent. As a society, we have lost sight of practicing the kind of integrity that Chris has combined with a superior product. And, I have already made money and this is thanks ENTIRELY to Chris’s program.

I am a person who CANNOT translate even simply written “rules” such as those contained in the Connors book into ACTUAL BUY AND SELL SIGNALS and by doing this in the ETF Bandit program Chris has done exactly what I needed..."

Harry Panitch
Private Trader

Joe Newell - Preston MD

"I fed it a long list of CANSLIM symbols early in the week and it has been like a cash machine each day since."

Joe Newell
Preston MD

Glenn Kemp - 88 year old private trader

"I don't know how others are using the Bandit, but I have been using out-of-the-money options. More bang for the buck with a small account. I bought CSCO puts on the recent short recommendation. Today CSCO is down $2.84 as I write. Those won't happen often, but it was gratifying to see that Bandit picked it up.

By the way, I will be 89 this year, and if I can do it , anybody can do it!."

Glenn Kemp
88 year old trader

Tom Astley - Individual Investor

"Version 2 is going to be fun to use and is an excellent upgrade.

I have integrated the ETF Trading Bandit into my daily routine and now use a stable of security lists, both ETFs and stocks. I have selected these lists using HGSI. As an individual investor I have been using HGSI for many years and your Trading Bandit program provides a terrific method for managing high probability trading. Thanks again. Best regards..."

Tom Astley
Individual Investor

Ted - Amateur Trader

"I've traded stocks for 3 years and usually spend many hours a day manually sorting through hundreds of charts to find good set ups. I don’t have the time to do that and am so glad to have found this product. It looks to work in up down and sideways markets. Yes, the notion of buying pullbacks in bull markets and selling rallies in Bear markets is not earth shaking. But, knowing WHEN to enter and WHEN to exit with a VETTED system is phenomenal and a huge time saver. The book by Larry Connors is great but this software is a huge time saver and aid to using the system. Don’t have a trading plan? Here’s one pre packaged.

In my first set of trades I made 1050.00$.

Thanks Chris!"

Amateur Trader

Frank Noll - High Probability ETF Trader

"Chris, your latest update is, to say the least, fantastic. I have also been a subscriber to the Trading Markets site. I was trying to compare end of day prices versus next day opening market price. Surprisingly, you often get a better price at the next day's open. Also, with Trading Markets you have a 15 to 25 minute window to make your decisions, and you have to be available, for me anyway, between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. PST. Often this is inconvenient and I end up making the trades the next day anyway.

Biggest plus: saving the $295.00 per month to TM. That covers all, if not most, of the price differential.

Needless to say, version one of your product was a bargain, version two is simply over the top and a fantastic deal for anyone using the High Probability ETF's Trading strategies.

Thanks again and regards, Frank"

The ETF Trading Bandit Is Designed For You...

The ETF Trading Bandit has something for everyone.

If you are just starting to learn about trading the ETF Trading Bandit is the perfect addition to your educational tool-set. You will be able to see 3 years of historical trades for as many ETFs (and stocks) as you like for all 7 of the High Probability ETF trading strategies.

There's no better way to learn about a trading strategy than to look at historical signals on a chart and see what happened next after each and every entry and exit signal.

You will be able to paper-trade the signals on a daily basis - every evening watch out for newly generated signals and follow along until you are comfortable enough with the way the strategies work to place your first real trade.

You can paper trade for as long as you like without the concern that you are having to pay a monthly fee for software and data. Once you own the program you can use it forever with no additional costs.

For seasoned traders the ETF trading bandit is likely to be one of the best software investments of your trading career. It gives you documented High Probability trading signals that have been shown to work year-in/year-out over a 20 year test period. The strategies are all from a top-ten trading book by a well known author. Since the book was published 18 months ago, these strategies have continued to work.

Here's what you'll get...

Once you've completed the online payment you will have immediate access to the download link and you can be up and running in 5 minutes from now.

The download includes:

  • Secure signed and verified ETF Trading Bandit program
  • Full, unlimited feature set
  • A perpetual license so that you can use the program forever
  • My PDF Report entitled "High Probability ETF Trading For All" containing fully backtested results
  • My mini video series on High Probability ETF Trading

Only $497 one-time payment

Includes Intraday Add-On pack!

To your trading success in 2014 and beyond.

Chris White, CEO - EdgeRater LLC

Free data access disclaimer: The ETF Trading bandit accesses free online data in order to calculate the strategy signals. That's why you don't have to pay a separate monthly data fee. The end-user acknowledges that the availability of this data is outside of the control of EdgeRater LLC and EdgeRater LLC shall not be held responsible for any interruption or discontinuation of data access. Should this data become unavailable for any reason and we are unable to locate an alternate suitable free source of data, the ETF Trading Bandit will no longer provide current signals. Having said that, this data has been available for many years and there is no sign that it will stop, but the risk is assumed by the end-user.