Edgerater Data multiple day updates

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Edgerater Data multiple day updates

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I switched the CBOE Weeklys symbol list from the Yahoo data provider to your new Edgerater data provider and did a 20 year update, it proceeded to start doing those partial data updates and after 15 minutes or so I thought it was done because it said Completed and when I checked the data snapshot it was showing the proper begin and ending dates for all of the stocks in the symbol list.

I proceeded to run the new template and after looking at the results for a couple of minutes I tried to change to an earlier date to run it again and the date and run button were grayed out and down below another partial data update was running.

This is a bit annoying so I wonder if you could somehow indicate to us when the Edgerater update process it finally COMPLETED as opposed to seeing the word 'completed' multiple times and not knowing which one is final and/or change how the data snapshot portrays the dates before the Edgerater data update is actually completed.

Ed S.

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