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Download this tool today to get your Yahoo bound applications working again. Requires ThinkOrSwim Desktop.


Yahoo have discontinued their delayed intraday quotes service as of Wednesday November 1st 2017. Many desktop programs used this service to allow an individual to retrieve delayed quotes.

What is Y2TOS?

Yahoo 2 TOS (Y2TOS) is a program created by EdgeRater LLC that locally intercepts calls to the discontinued Yahoo service and returns data from a users installed desktop ThinkOrSwim program. The data returned is real-time (not delayed). The request never goes out to the internet, it is all handled locally on your desktop.

How To Use

  • Ensure ThinkOrSwim desktop is running
  • Press the Hook button
  • Use your program that requests Yahoo data
  • When finished, press Unhook


If you get an error message during the 'hook' process you may need to shut down Skype before you hook Y2TOS. You can run Skype after the hook is complete.

This has been tested and works with HGSI and EdgeRater PRO. If your application is not getting data returned please contact us via our website and we will investigate:

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